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Welcome to the Magnet Schools of America (MSA) online application portal!


Before you get started on your application, you must activate your MSA profile in the database (Impexium). Skip to next section

If you have already activated your MSA profile, please click on the gray "Login with Magnet" button located on the left and login with your MSA profile credentials. Once successfully logged in, click on the appropriate image (scroll to bottom) to start your application.

For those who received an email inviting them to collaborate on an application, you can access applications that are "in progress" under "My Applications" in the navigation menu located on the left.


For TEAMS, please scroll down and read instructions before starting.

To activate your MSA profile, please follow the steps below:

  • Click here to activate your account in the database (Impexium).

  • Use your email address as the username and Password1 is your password. You will immediately be prompted to create a new password. Remember your new password as you will be using your email address and this new password to access the Awards/RFP platform.

  • Once you have successfully created your new password, you will be redirected to the screen shot below showing your information on the screen. You can now collaborate with your team in the Awards/RFP platform.

If you are unable to activate your account, please email the MSA Office at membership@magnet.edu. Make sure to include your name, email, school and district information.

TEAMS: READ THIS FIRST, if you have a team of people working on an application.

  1. You must designate one person to serve as the primary account holder (i.e., principal, magnet coordinator). This person will have the ability to add team members (collaborators) as well a remove them.
  2. Next, make a list of team members (first name, last name, job title, school and email address) and email the list to awards@magnet.edu (subject line: List of collaborators: MSA Awards 2018-2019). This is a proactive approach to a smoother activation process.  Awards@magnet.edu will reply to your email (within 2 business days) confirming all members on your list have a profile in the MSA database (Impexium).
    For those submitting a RFP, please email baltimore2019@magnet.edu

  3. Make sure the primary account holder has activated their MSA profile (follow steps above).
  4. Now, the primary account holder will log into the awards/RPF platform and create an application. 
    Click on the gray "Login with Magnet" button located on the left and login with your MSA profile credentials.
    Please select from the dropdown, which award program you will be applying for (Merit, Superintendent, Principal or Teacher).

  5. Finally, to add team members -click on the "collaborator" button. Enter the first name, last name and email address. A collaboration email will be sent to this person with instructions to activate his/her MSA profile and next steps.

If you have questions, please call the MSA Office 202.824.0672.